National Conference on Geographical Studies 2017

The Philippine Geographical Society’s National Conference on Geographical Studies (NCGS) 2017 is calling for panel sessions and paper presentations on all geographically-inclined and -informed topics. On its 12th year, NCGS aims to move geographic knowledge production and promote interdisciplinary research by bringing together scholars, practitioners, and students.

This year’s theme, “Charting Philippine Geographies in the 21st Century”, signifies the importance of the contemporary moment in charting the trajectories of geographic research towards important issues facing the nation and the world. For decades, geographers have not just critically examined structures of oppression or environmental destruction but have also played important roles in addressing these issues in multiple arenas and publics.  As the Philippines and the world grapple with tumultuous social and environmental changes, from natural disasters to dispossession, geographical perspectives serve as important modes of intervention across multiple scales.

We invite scholars and practitioners from all fields to take part in reshaping the terrains of geographic knowledge and practice as we come to grips with the multiple challenges facing the Philippines and the world. We envision this undertaking as a collective project that will not just advocate for theoretically cutting-edge geographic research or imagining a socially just world but also in promoting and engaging in social change in actual spaces and glocalities. We look forward to presentations and discussions that will move forward theory and practice that advocates for a socially just and environmentally-sustainable world.

For inquiries, you may email the NCGS conference secretariat at