PGS Lecture Series 2022-04: Kathy Ilustre illuminates discusses digital geovisualization of data

Goodbye maps, hello apps?

The advent of high speed wireless technologies created a generation of tech-savvy digital navigators. But does this signal the end of the use of maps? Digital maps are entrenched in the social fabric of this generation’s milieu in ways too various to specify. How do we make visible geospatial data in ways that are accessible, informative, democratic and compelling?

The Philippine Geographical Society (PGS) presents this semester’s third lecture for the PGS Lecture Series entitled Visualizing Geospatial Data in Interactive Maps and Apps. Kathy Ilustre from Geodata Systems will provide a purview for this changed set of relationalities. Ms Ilustre amassed years of experience in project implementation, database design, cartography, and training and technical consulting services. Formerly handling the undergraduate Digital Cartography class at the UP Department of Geography, she has implemented enterprise GIS in numerous organizations, and deployed geospatial solutions that support and improve the customers’ business workflows.

The lecture is on Friday, 22 April 2022 at 4:00PM. To register for this talk, click this link to participate or click this URL

This talk is co-sponsored by the UP Department of Geography.


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