Geography Webbynar #1 (2022-2023): Peter Sy talks AI-powered geospatial data

The use of geospatial data in research, planning, policy, and other pursuits is nothing new. What is new is the unprecedented level (and sophistication) of use of massive amounts of geospatial and other data powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

So powerful are AI technologies that governments are scrambling to put together ethics-first, principle-based governance frameworks, providing guardrails for AI development and utilization, including the use of AI in geospatial analysis and applications (GeoAI). These AI governance principles include inclusive growth, sustainable development, and well-being; human-centered values and fairness; robustness, security, and safety; accountability; transparency and explainability; and trust.

For the first Geography Webbynar of the UP Department of Geography for the academic year 2022-2023, Associate Professor Peter Sy from the UP Department of Philosophy is giving a lecture entitled GeoAI and Governance on Thursday, 29 September 2022 at 5:00PM.

Prof Sy chairs the Privacy Experts Group, eHealth of the Department of Health (DOH)/Department of Science and Technology (DOST). He also chairs the UP Diliman Ad Hoc Committee on Open Data, and a Research Fellow in Ethical Issues in International Research at the School of Public Health, Harvard University.

Sponsored by the Media Geographies research cluster of the Department of Geography, this presentation examines the implications of GeoAI principles. Some risks attendant to the development and deployment of AI in general and, in particular, GeoAI will also be explored. These risks include bias leading to discrimination, lack of explainability, failure of consent mechanisms, loss of trust in institutions, lack of transparency, unequal access to services, effects of low data maturity, erosion of privacy, platform and data monopolies, excessive data retention, low ‘human-in-the-loop’, mis/disinformation, loss of trust in AI, undervaluation of public data, low accuracy, undermining of professional judgment.

To participate in this online webinar, please register using this link:

This presentation is co-sponsored by the Philippine Geographical Society.


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