ICGS 2022: Love and Invitation for Abstract Submission

What do we do when we talk about love? 

We compose songs, we make films, we write poems. Or we dance across differences, imagine radical futures, empathise with political struggles. 

Or begin by writing an abstract about love in its various iterations: nationalistic, romantic, erotic, maternal, material, spatial, ontological, animal and liminal, for the International Conference on Geographical Studies 2022 the theme of which is Emotional Geographies: Passion in the Geographical. 

Love is just one of the topics that we accept for our conference. Read our original call for papers here

ICGS 2022 will take place virtually on 10-11 November 2022. You can still submit your abstracts to us until 15 October 2022 via this link: https://tinyurl.com/ICGS2022Abstracts

So come and join us. As Lacan once said: “to speak of love is in itself a jouissance”. And in support of this jouissance, we invite you to interpellate aspects of geography to affect, emotions, intimacies, ethics, care, and politics. 

As poet Joi Barrios says in ‘Leaving Home’

I speak and my love

does not hear

what I say,

what I do not say.

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