ICGS 2022: Grief and Mourning and Abstract Submission

“The first thing I feel when I see the lagoons is sadness.” 

That came from an indigenous Mixteca fisherwoman living in the Pacific Coast of Oaxaca, grieving over the loss of her community’s lagoons due largely to neoliberal policies. Geographies of grieving are “spaces of complex collective loss due to multiple interconnected forms of violence” (Aguilera, 2022). 

The demise of nature have been well-documented by geographers who narrated various environmental losses from the Anthropocene. Grief and mourning have also been mobilised as an analytic to bear witness to painful emotions (Head, 2016) and as space to narrate stories of “the dead and dying in relation to the living” (van Dooren, 2014).

In the upcoming International Conference on Geographical Studies 2022 (ICGS) from 10-11 November 2022 with a theme Emotional Geographies: Passion in the Geographical, the Philippine Geographical Society welcomes abstracts that acknowledge the alternative spaces occupied by grief and mourning. It can be about the empty space phenomenon, anticipatory grief, how more-than-humans mourn, private memorials in public spaces, and storying losses from a broken heart.

We also welcome other topics that address and intersect a broader understanding how emotion, compassion, friendship, care and the various affective dimensions of space manifest in multiple contexts. See our original call for papers here.

Send your 250-word abstracts by 15 October 2022 to this link, or simply click this: https://tinyurl.com/ICGS2022Abstracts

We also welcome organised panel sessions, cartographical exhibits, film screenings, and book discussions. Our conference is a space for analysis, catharsis, exchanges, finding meanings, breathing hope to various broken hearts. As writer Stephen Crane once wrote:

… I like it

Because it is bitter,

And because it is my heart.


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