PGS Lecture Series 2022-12: Felipe Jocano on Filipino martial arts

A Filipino martial arts expert once said that the goal of martial arts is self-growth rather than destroying the enemy. 

In the local context, Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) are a form of self and community protection often taught first through the use of handheld weapons such as the stick, knife and various types of indigenous swords. Their present popularity is partly informed by their practicality and immediate application to everyday instances of unsought violence. 

For the last PGS Lecture Series for 2023, the Philippine Geographical Society (PGS) presents Prof Felipe Jocano from the UP Department of Anthropology who will deliver his presentation entitled Have Sticks, will Travel: Filipino Martial Arts and Mobilities on 5 December 2022 at 5:00PM. Prof Jocano will examine how mobility (across spaces, across cultures, across the internet) has contributed to the shaping of the FMA as they are today. 

Prof Jocano‘s areas of interest include internet anthropology, economic anthropology with an emphasis on the relationship between values, consumer culture and management, medical anthropology, and the anthropology of martial arts as body practice, with an emphasis on Filipino martial arts. In addition, he also teaches martial arts, focusing on Filipino, Chinese and indigenous (Mindanao) martial arts. 

To participate in the PGS Lecture Series, click this link to register, or just click this link:

The lecture is co-presented by the UP Department of Geography.


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