Heo/Geo Lecture Series 2023-03: Philippe Rekacewicz on the radical potentials of cartography

Maps are a powerful way to reflect the world as we see it, rather than what it really is. In this context, they act as a “dreaming machine” with which we can mix reality with our fantasy. 

For the third Heo/Geo Lecture Series for 2023, geographer, cartographer, and information designer Dr Philippe Rekacewicz will provide a critical overview of the map as an invention, multidimensional, complex, and systemic object, and as a powerful tool for representing diverse sources of information (quantitative and qualitative data), as well as emotions.

Philippe’s Heo/Geo lecture, entitled Radical and Experimental Practices in Cartography, on Tuesday, the 7th of March 2023 at 5:30PM Philippine Standard Time (10:30AM CET), is a joint project of the UP Department of Geography and the Philippine Geographical Society. The Heo/Geo Lecture Series is a forum for academic geographers and geography-adjacent scholars as well as geospatial industry practitioners to share their research and projects that survey multi-scalar publics. This lecture is also in line with the year-long activities of the UP Department of Geography for its 40th year anniversary (1983-2023).

Philippe Rekacewicz is a French geographer who co-published a book entitled Cartographie radicale: Explorations with Nepthys Zwer in 2022. After the completion of his study in geography at the University of Paris la Sorbonne, he became a permanent collaborator of the international newspaper Le Monde diplomatique in Paris until 2014. From 1996 to 2007, he was also heading the cartographic unit of a relocated office of the United Nations Environment Programme in Norway and was associated with various international initiatives with the UNDP and OSCE. Since 2014, he has been involved in projects linking art and cartography with art museums, research institutes, and international organizations. He is co-coordinator, with Philippe Rivière, of the website visionscarto.net, a research website dedicated to “radical and experimental cartography and geography”. Since January 2017, he acts as an associate researcher at the Department of Anthropology for the University of Helsinki for the program “Crosslocations” – 2017-2022. Currently, he is affiliated with the Social Science Group at the Wageningen University & Research for the Programme Embodied Ecologies.

To register for the lecture, please register through this link or through this link: https://tinyurl.com/pvsd3jtn

This lecture is co-sponsored by the Geography 293 (Cultures of Mapping and Countercartographies) graduate class, 2nd semester 2022-23.


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