Heo/Geo Lecture Series 2023-07: Paul Schweizer on collective mapping and engaged cartography

“Collective mapping … is a common process of territorial reflection, awareness-building and self-organization” (kollektiv orangotango).

The kollektiv orangotango is an assemblage of critical geographers, popular educators and allies in promoting horizontal knowledge co-production. Based mostly in Europe but whose alliance with activist cartographers and their communities extends throughout the world, the kollektiv promotes joint learning processes, produces DIY mapping materials (manuals, tutorials, collections of countercartographic outputs, others), and engages with “sentipensar” (sensing/thinking) to promote engaged cartography.

For the seventh Heo/Geo Lecture Series for 2023, Paul Schweizer from kollektiv orangotango will talk about engaged cartography on 16 May 2023. The talk, entitled “Engaged cartography: methods and materialities of collective critical mapping” happens on Tuesday, 16 May 2023; 5:30PM PHT (GMT+8:00) | 11:30AM CET (GMT+2:00).

Paul Schweizer is a geographer and popular educator. As part of kollektiv orangotango he co-conducts collective art processes in public space, co-edited ‘This Is Not an Atlas’ and curates the notanatlas.org platform. He is also connected with the Digital Geography team of the Institut für Geowissenschaften und Geographie at Martin Luther Universität Halle-Wittenberg.

This Heo/Geo Lecture Series is presented by the UP Department of Geography and the Philippine Geographical Society as part of the 40th year anniversary of the Department. This lecture is also co-organised and co-sponsored by the Junior Philippine Geographical Society – UP DilimanGeographic Society of the University of the Philippines ❨UP GeogSoc❩ and the “Cultures of Mapping and Countercartographies” graduate class (Geog 293).

To register for the lecture, please click this link


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