Society Members Organize Workshops and Panel Presentations for the 8th NSSC

Members of PGS have organized two panel presentations and two workshops for the 8th National Social Science Congress that will be held at the Lyceum of the Philippines University in Batangas City on June 15 until June 17, 2016. Dr. Joseph Palis will be the moderator for the panel composed of Ms. Hazel Dizon, Dr. Trina Isorena, Dr. Yany Lopez, Ms. Simeona Martinez and Mr. Emmanuel Garcia. With the theme “Community Engagement for Sustainable Futures”, the panelists aim to initiate a reflective discussion on what community engagement means as manifested by existing practices in the hope of exploring avenues for enhanced and sustained participation. On the other hand, the panel “Maps, Methods and the Media: Untangling the Geographies of Disasters in The Philippines” will tackle the complexities of disasters through a variety of geographic approaches that may aid in gaining a deeper understanding of the different facets of disasters and how these have impacted our society in the past and at present. Mr. Emmanuel Garcia, Mr. Marco Lagman, Dr. Yany Lopez, Dr. Jake Cadag, and Dr. Joseph Palis constitute the said panel.

Two of the five workshops that were tailored for the conference will be facilitated by four GIS specialists of PGS: “Geospatial Technologies for Spatially-Enabled Learning” will be conducted by Dr. Trina Isorena and Mr. Emmanuel Garcia while Mr. Jonathan Villasper and Ms. Dominique Amorsolo will train the participants of “Geotagging and Spatial Techniques for Field Data Gathering and Project Monitoring”. Both workshops are open to conference participants as well as those who won’t register for the conference at a certain fee.

For details such as schedule and venue of activities, please refer to the conference program.

The 8th NSSC is organized by the Philippine Social Science Council.


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