Anybody who possesses a keen interest n the discipline of Geography may apply for membership. A member of the Society may be classified into the following:

REGULAR MEMBERS: Filipino professionals and graduate students engaged in teaching and/or research on geography-related activities.

JUNIOR MEMBERS: Filipino students engaged in geography and geography-related-research, activities or studies.

INSTITUTIONAL MEMBERS: Government and Non-Government institutions, business enterprises and other organizations interested in the purposes of PGS. The member institution designates representative and a permanent alternate to the PGS.

FOREIGN MEMBERS: Non-Filipino professionals and Graduate students engaged in teaching and /or research on geography and geography-related activities.

PGS FELLOWS: Retired PGS members and former PGS Officers may opt for this status.

Anybody who attained the minimum requirements shall be granted membership upon:

    • Payment of annual membership fee set by the Board of Trustees;
    • Submission of duly-accomplished membership form (To download application form, click  here).

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