Philippine Geographical Journal Launches Volumes 57, 58 & 59

Is it possible to bring the dormant to life? 

Maybe if we’re talking volcanoes, winter seeds, the underground life of cicadas, hibernating Ursus Linnaeus, and yes, the ‘sleeping’ issues of the Philippine Geographical Journal. 

PGJ started in 1953 — a few years after the Philippine Geographical Society (PGS) was born — and it kept on publishing articles that were either straight-up physical geography or with a broadly human-environment slant. But like most disciplines,  Geography evolved through the decades. It did not forget the early tradition of quantification, the fluvial domains, synoptic climatology and area studies, but has forged on to challenge definitions of the rural and urban, questioning the natural in ‘natural disasters, and even make a case why moving images have inherently spatial dimensions. Perhaps the articles themselves reflected the discipline’s various foci and trajectories as influenced by local and local-adjacent geographers. Some of us even question the idea of ‘local’. After all, ‘local’ is also a social construction, no?

It is with pride that we invite you to the launch of PGJ issues that should have been released a long time ago if not for diminished financial resources and a host of other things that are too various to specify. But a resolute decision to bring back what were started in 1953 by pre- and post-war geographers is always strong. So here we are.

On Saturday, 18 December 2021, a PGJ Launch is happening at 2:00PM where volumes 57, 58, and 59 will make their debut. So come and celebrate with us. 
The themes are ostensibly on cultural geographies (Volume 57), disaster studies (Volume 58), and urban geographies (Volume 59) but they are also critical expansions and provocative iterations of these themes. 

So geographers and allies of geography, come on, come on. To participate, register using this link:

This PGJ Launch is co-sponsored by the UP Department of Geography.


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